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For the Love of Photography

The name of my business is base on God. Sometime we just need to be still.

Alright, here I go! This is my first post of my first blog! I'm more used to taking photos than I am blogging, so bare with me.

I love taking pictures! I have loved taking pictures since I was a kid and took my first photo... of my own eye! Seriously, I had the old Kodiak film camera, my mom's, pointing the wrong way. I still have that print in the family album.

Photography is an art, but one everyone can take part in. It's an act of capturing our memories and allows us to share those memories and stories with others. I didn't realize I could make photography my career until much later in life. No matter how small I have to start, I'll keep taking pictures and offer to take them for others. Our memories are more valuable than we give them credit for.

Join me on my journey to capture as many images of the world around me as I can!


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